TinyMCE for Sitecore: usage and configuration

This is a quick introduction/configuration for the TinyMCE Module for Sitecore  module I’m writing and that I eventually aim to release on the Sitecore Marketplace. It allows usage of the “Insert Sitecore Media” and “Insert Sitecore Link” functionalities, implemented as a TinyMCE plugin. It contains no references to Telerik web controls.

After installing the all-in-one Package, the new control type will be immediately usable from the Template Builder:


It comes with 4 different configurations that can be specified using the Source field, and more can be specified in the Core database under /sitecore/system/Settings/TinyMCE Editor Profiles:


The 5 options work as follows:

Editor Toolbar: It uses the same configuration of TinyMCE’s toolbar, and uses the “+” symbol to separate rows.

Editor plugins: It lists the plugins used in the Toolbar configuration.

Editor Init Callback: An optional Javascript statement that will be executed after the editor is initialized.

Editor Menubar: A space-separated list of controls to appear on the menu. Currently not used in any of the four configurations.

Editor Branding: If set to True, it shows the “Powered by TinyMCE” (currently not working, will always show branding).

The Module as of today has only been tested on Sitecore 8.1 – I will be testing on different versions over the next days.

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